Future RN Program

The District of Columbia Nurses Association has developed a program called F.U.T.U.R.E. R.N. (Fostering Understanding, Teaching Unity, Reaching Emerging Registered Nurses).  The F.U.T.U.R.E. R.N. program was written with our nurse members in mind and therefore, we welcome your participation.

The program is as follows:

Purpose: To provide an avenue for increasing the ever decreasing nursing population; present a program designed to recruit, attract and retain prospective nursing students for a career in nursing, and; to assist the new recruits by using senior/retired nurses as a knowledge bridge.  Specifically this program will provide a continuous forum whereby senior and retired nurses are afforded the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and nursing experiences with middle and high school students.

Implementation: The Project will consist of senior/retired nurses who will visit schools in the District of Columbia on a monthly basis. These visits will consist of formal and informal sessions. The senior/retired nurses will be recruited from the membership rosters of the District of Columbia Nurses Association.  The formal structure will consist of senior nurses meeting in the schools and lecturing to students about the importance of nursing.  The senior nurses will also speak on nursing practice and the importance of joining their professional organizations once they become nurses.  Further, the senior nurses will share their experiences as nurses and entertain questions from the students regarding their nursing practice.

The formal structure of the lecture during the school visit will be created for each nurse.

Compensation: Each retired RN will be paid $150.00 per session.

Please contact Vickie Spence via email at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.  A full copy of the proposal will be provided to all nurses that participate in the program.