Nursing Practice

A.  Delegation - DC Nurse 
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B.  DC Board of Nursing RN/APRN RENEWAL (4/1/14 - 6/3014)

TO RENEW: Go online and access

1)  Renew License - RN fee is $145.  Renew license as an APRN, fee is $263 (+$119 for each additional authority).  Please allow ten (10) business days to receive the renewed license by mail.

2)  Complete Nursing Workforce Survey
* Survey:  Nurses are asked to complete a "Nursing Workforce Survey" as part of the renewal process.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: RNs/APRNs  must complete 24 contact hours in current area of practice.  APRNs must complete a minimum of fifteen (15) of the twenty-four (24) contact hours in an educational offering that includes pharmacological content.  Continuing Education is NOT required for first time renewal applicants.

CONTINUING EDUCATION AUDIT:  Beginning this renewal period, RNs/APRNs will be selected for the CE audit prior to the 2014 renewal period.  Licensees selected for audit will be required to submit CE compliance confirmation documents prior to renewing their license.

For General Renewal Questions: Call 202-442-4764 or email [email protected].

C.  Click here to review DCNA's Position Statement on Entry Level Education for Registered Nurses