Why Should I Join DCNA?

Membership in DCNA is an investment in your financial and professional health. Membership benefits you through:
  • A competitive edge in the marketplace with salary and benefit guarantees
  • Access to expert assistance for practice and workplace problems
  • Achieving professional goals with the support of colleagues in unity
  • Keeping current with new developments
  • Networking opportunities
  • Member discounts on products, programs and services through Union Plus

Power is the watchword for DCNA membership. When nurses join DCNA, employers get the message. Hospitals know they are dealing with nurses who are committed to their goals, and unified in their vision. That translates into strength at the negotiating table and influence in the legislature.

Everyone benefits from your membership in DCNA— you as an employed registered nurse, your family, your community, and the nursing profession.

How Do I Become a Member?

Fill out an application and send it in! Any registered nurse can join and participate in a variety of DCNA activities. The “non-collective bargaining” application is for any nurse who is NOT represented by a DCNA union at work.

DCNA union nurses have access to payroll deduction by filling out the “collective bargaining” application AND a dues authorization form. DCNA union nurses can participate in all DCNA activities.

For more information, please contact Veronica Burnett at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 244-2705.

Membership Forms

Collective Bargaining Membership
Collective Bargaining Membership - Public Sector ONLY

Membership for Non-Collective Bargaining--PLEASE CONTACT THE DCNA OFFICE

(For employed full-time or part-time AND not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, unemployed full-time students and RN 62 years of age or older)